I am almost 50-years-old and have just returned to blogging in November of 2022.  I remember it helping me.  I do like to write, and have had journals and do have one now, but my handwriting is terrible and in this age we type a lot, so coming back to this old blog will probably somewhat replace my journaling.  I like to read entries that I made when I was in my 30s and coming to terms with my sexuality in total and my life going forward.

Loving the outdoors is my main thing.  I cycle to work and do errands on my bikes.  I try to drive 1-3 times a week only and am a full-on climate change anxiety person.  I have just learned to climb a little.  I have been a hiker for 14-years and now want to climb.  I love the foothills and the mountains.  I just learned to sea kayak last summer.

I love to cook, listen to music, sing and laugh.  I provide mental health services, teach in higher ed, and test a bit for adults and sometimes younger students with disabilities.

I am seeking balance.  I have it tattooed on my right bicep.  I write so I can remember what occurs and this creative process helps me stay centered.  This blog is more of a diary, so feel free to read it if you want a look into the life of a lesbian who doesn’t want to settle down, and who won’t compromise.  I have been married for 17-years total and divorced twice, and my only goal is to go out on LOTS of dates and be only on that date in the moment.  I’ve done dating before along the gamut: coffee, hook-ups, try to go on several with the same woman for weeks or a month, illicit making out wherever, and then have typically stayed with women who were quintessentially red flag.  I can own that I have my own warning signs.  That’s why I want to enjoy each experience and not dwell on looking forward to anything in particular now.

My coming out affair occurred 15-years ago; although, I had been with women as a high school and a college student in the stylings of being completely covert and sneaking about with two long term girlfriends.  I was on a long road to acceptance and working through internalized homophobia.  Now, I don’t want anything permanent and want to experience lots of different activities with cool women.

I’m adaptable, smart, and funny.  I have an amazing circle of friends and am blessed with them as my family.   We bond over music, sing, hike, and share tons of meals together.   My cousin lives about half-an-hour from me, and when we’re together, we can talk like we did when we were babies.  I am an orphan in my nuclear family as my brother was killed the day before I turned 14, and my Dad died in 2020 and my Mom in 2021. My soon-to-be-seventeen-year-old son is a complete handful.  I have about 20-months left with him wherein he’ll have to move out be himself for better or worse.  We live in the West with our two dogs and three cats.  Thank you for reading and know that I appreciate your comments and likes.

If you want to have a conversation without commenting, feel free to email me at rmtomboy@balance17.com

You can find my entries on the right side of this page by title.

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