When you’ve got kids

She invited us to the pool and enticed me by saying we could work out, but we didn’t have enough time for the latter so I came home in an awful space and drank instead of eating.  Not healthy.  Won’t be doing that again.  My son wanted to see her, and he also wanted to see her little one who he hadn’t seen in probably at least five-months, and he has changed a lot.  Of course, the little one was all over me like he usually is, and that’s fine because I love him and my son was not jealous and she did stuff with mine in the pool too.  I don’t like enclosed water slides, but I was game, and did them several times anyway.

She is having all kinds of work done on her house.  I can’t afford mine in general, given what they have done with my salary and my health insurance and she is doing all kinds of elaborate stuff with hers.  That was a stark contrast.  It gave me all kinds of shitty emotions too, as did when she was introducing my son to her best friend’s son (The guy doing all the wood and sheet rock work.) and I overheard her say, “This is _______, and he is one of my best buddy’s sons.”  You wish.  I don’t do instant friend, and for gas money and some contributions toward my next oil change, I did you last weekend, so I’m not sure what you think of when you say, “one of my best buddies.”

My son had a blast, and we stayed way too long, and I couldn’t wait to get outta there.  However, when we finally did get home, I was only able to finish the cooking that I have done, so that these next three weeks will go off without a hitch.  I have a guy looking at my basement some time next week, and need to do serious cleaning and organizing, so I asked my son’s Dad to take him to his Voice class for me Tuesday night and I’ll work until I get everything done.  I need this renter.  Time to whip the house into shape.  We are not going to talk until next Sunday.  I’ll wish her goodnight and good morning and that’s it.  Hell, that has been it since April with the exception of August and September.

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