2 more days off at the day job

I did most of the final evaluations by taking Monday afternoon off with some leave that I have, and I had Friday off so I did many more from home that day. I have two tomorrow. I was really spent on Friday so after my son got home from his senior retreat, we grabbed bar food. Saturday I did yard work and laundry. Today I climbed some more. That’s my ninth time total, I believe. I have noticed that if I’m in a triangle with rock on all sides that I’m bolder. Good feedback for me! Nice time and I sure am good at belaying. I did 235,490 for steps last month. I sing tomorrow night with 2-3 colleagues and the nice guy from work. He was carjacked yesterday. Terrifying.

Finally, you do know who this is to, so I’ll leave you my words, because you’re a creeper. It’s a diary. Don’t you have better things to do on a weekend (last one to be precise)?!? You choose invisibility. But, I know who you are.

Image by Petra from Pixabay