2 more days off at the day job

I did most of the final evaluations by taking Monday afternoon off with some leave that I have, and I had Friday off so I did many more from home that day. I have two tomorrow. I was really spent on Friday so after my son got home from his senior retreat, we grabbed bar food. Saturday I did yard work and laundry. Today I climbed some more. That’s my ninth time total, I believe. I have noticed that if I’m in a triangle with rock on all sides that I’m bolder. Good feedback for me! Nice time and I sure am good at belaying. I did 235,490 for steps last month. I sing tomorrow night with 2-3 colleagues and the nice guy from work. He was carjacked yesterday. Terrifying.

Finally, you do know who this is to, so I’ll leave you my words, because you’re a creeper. It’s a diary. Don’t you have better things to do on a weekend (last one to be precise)?!? You choose invisibility. But, I know who you are.

Image by Petra from Pixabay


2 thoughts on “2 more days off at the day job

  1. tinaak44 says:

    I came across a very old Chrome bookmark and was surprised to see you writing again, and naturally curious. I’m glad to see you’re healthy and well despite the tough things life throws at so many of us.

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