I’ve had a really great weekend.  It was fine to see clients yesterday too, because I wasn’t just working.  I’m lucky.

My friend from work who is also my workout partner had a bday party and we went to a Beer Garden.  The only bad thing was that I finished my intern’s pint at her request and was pretty hungover for much of the day yesterday.  However, I dragged my tired ass out and biked to one of the parks with a colleague very early in the morning and then saw my aesthetician.  I saw clients and then came home and rested for 45-minutes and then got ready to go out.  My friend’s 40th bday was really fun, and then my best friend had a performance–she had not done so in 3-years–with two girls who she mentors.

I was confused when I got to the venue.  First of all when I was parking, there were all kinds of lesbians in the parking lot.  Then there were a ton of lesbians in line.  Then there was this young girl who was obviously bi who started talking to me.  Turns out that at the same venue was one of the lesbian iconic slam poets.  She is not my thing.  I don’t get her.  I think that I’m too happy for that approach.  I was worried.

So, I stood in this line talking to this girl and then when I got to the top of the stairs, my best friend was not on the list.  WTF?  I walked back downstairs and entered a side stage.  No one knew my friend.  Then I pulled up the poster on FB via my mobile, and the promoter was looking at it and said, “Another date maybe?  No, it’s May 4th,” when my friend came up and hugged me.  Their opening was incredible.  So was their massive talent.

I went back to my friend’s party and was very sad to see that all the food was now gone.  I should have eaten more.  Red wine makes me really hungrier than I actually am.  I hung out until after nine with my son and friends.  It was such a good Saturday.  Even hungover, I had a blast.  Now it’s time to work, clean, and write.  I hope that one of my best friend’s makes me dinner tonight.  Her bf is in town.  Otherwise, I just need to work hard given such a perfect Saturday.

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