1. Accomplish what I’m meant to without guilt when I don’t conquer an ENTIRE To-Do List
  2. Connect with my son and hold him close
  3. Listen fully
  4. Laugh
  5. Write everyday
  6. Host a monthly party with different themes in June, July, and August
  7. Add weight to one of my weights days
  8. Run one to two times weekly
  9. Research new music artists
  10. Learn my bike gears

12 thoughts on “Intentions

  1. onesinglelie says:

    #9- Check out Amy Campbell, shes a lesbian folk artist from the maritimes in Canada. Her lyrics are amazing!

  2. You should add to this: Mark the top 5 items on the todo list as important… Call it a win when you get to number 6… each and every day.

  3. And that is why I read your writings…

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