Cheer Up

I can climb! Honestly, I really can now. I did mention in an entry over vacation that I got up a route, and last night I’d paid for a 2.5-hour class that I had taken in 2015 or 2016 and retook in August. I gifted two slots also for Christmas to my son’s godparents and we did the class together. I’m also waaaay faster than I had been. I used the same method: watch someone go up to a place where I got stuck and then I could do the whole route. I also encouraged my son’s godparents and another woman who took the class. I can belay the shit out of someone on an ATC, but that gris gris thing freaks me out. I do need to practice tying the knot because at the end, I lose where I’m tracing. Maybe tonight I can go to Army Surplus and cut four-feet of rope. Then I’ll run a video off of “Outside Plus” to follow with the last leg of the trace. I think that I’ll take another intro class at some gym around here so that I can learn that gris gris which is what’s used inside. An ATC gives you a repelling option and I find it intuitive, but I’ve only used the gris gris personally one time. However, I can climb and want to learn more and more. I kinda pressured them to join a gym so we can go in threes. That was so fun over vacation with my old work husband and his real wife. There isn’t any reason for me to join a gym, because I don’t have a partner to belay. I look forward to later spring and being outside again, and as soon as the guide comes out from our Rec Center, I’ll get signed up for the class again. I had an injury in May and was not in shape for the class really. The teacher at the indoor class last night said that he was shocked to see a familiar face. I told him that because I was healing from a torn hamstring and bruised meniscus, I needed to retake it. I got to the top of two routes and climbed five times total, and the knot is easier. Yay.

I have been semi-hideous. There is still so much ice in the bike lanes. I’ve not cycled to work for two-weeks. When you cycle a minimum of 16-miles every week and your last ride was on December 28th, it’s a shift for sure. My mood is hideous as I mentioned. However, climbing over an hour last night was super helpful. I have a community walk tomorrow morning for just me and the dogs because my son has work crew. Then on Sunday I’m going to ride to the Rec Center to get there by nine and do machines for upper body and come home. It’s going to snow again, and I need to avoid being hideous all winter. I have no idea how people survive in Chicago. I’d lose my fucking mind.

I asked the climber out to dinner. She’s busy all weekend with her household. Sucks. I’ll send her a birthday text on Monday and will see her next Friday. More calm and cool for me. I don’t chase and it will work out to hang when she initiates something. One relay of hearing three-days worth of plans is enough for me. I know though that we’ll do something at some point, but it can’t be a dance because I can’t dance, and she doesn’t have an indoor climbing gym membership nor do I. I’ll check on Sunday if the outdoor wall at the Rec Center has open climb times, and if I’m proficient with that damn figure 8 knot by Sunday, maybe that will work out sometime, but again, I am not asking her out again and will wait for her to ask me out.

I am over the legal hump with selling the house. I’m meeting up with the photographer in early April to do a walk through. I may have to put money into the house to sell it. I’m going to ask her opinion because she’s also a realtor. She said in text that she is still up for hanging out if I am, and I said that when it’s warm we should do a bike ride. She sent a wink and said that 50 degrees and above works for her. I’d NEVER text winks or hearts to her ever again, and so I said to ping me when it’s warm enough for a ride and she thanked me for reaching out. I’m NOT hugging her when I see her. I’m not a mixed-message person and she wants to be friends, and that’s what we are, but we’re not close friends because I’ve literally seen her twice. Twice is not for hugging. I will take her up a peak too. I need to get up a few of them in the summer and fall. I miss it. My son’s godmother and I can do those together. She is a good climber and is also a marathoner, so it’s feasible. I’ve known her 34-years.

I start a rec dodgeball league in just over a week. It would be amazing if there are some fit 40ish women on my team or other teams. The Conference is less than a month away and I’m networking like a mad woman there. I also am going to haunt the bars and do anything LGBTQ that the professional association hosts. I have to talk to my son’s Dad about limiting his alcohol intake all week so I can have a piece of mind for those four-days. My son has watched his Dad pass out too many times, and he’s troubled enough as it is without having to watch that. I’m going to have to talk to him in private and that is going to be awkward as fuck, but it has to be done before early February.

I am cheered up. Work has been trying, but I am in a good space. The climbing really helped me out. The walk and then the bike and gym day will too. I should mention also that I’m still practicing my guitar. I feel on track and dumped my hideous mood.

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