Asked for a kiss

I only worked on Monday this week, which was good given a crisis that happened the week before. I didn’t talk to or look at the climber. I came in early, set up an incredible breakfast, and worked. I was walking a client down the hall to my office mid-morning and she was talking with one of our colleagues and I kept talking with my client, and honestly didn’t notice who she was actually speaking with in the hallway. I had to walk past her office several times all day, but didn’t look in, linger and walked my typical super fast pace. (I get a lot of shit about how fast I walk.) At the end of the day, she came into the front room in my office and then into mine and we chatted. I said, “I didn’t see you today, but knew you were at work.” She said, “I saw you in passing several times.” She also complimented the food. I told her, “I’ve cooked for you before. We need to be honest about that.” She told me that I’m good at everything. I don’t even know what that means. We haven’t had sex. I can’t dance.

I had forgotten some materials for one of our clients and told her commuting partner that I would bring it by his house and didn’t know what time. I made it home, got it, and then went to his house when they were driving up. I joked with him to catch it. I told him I was kidding because it’s very heavy and then walked to my car and started getting in. The climber said something that I couldn’t hear so I walked to her car. She said, “_____ and I were talking and said that we should all commute together.” I said, “That probably wouldn’t work because they have me go to client homes sometimes,” and she said, “As long as you were back at the end of the day, that would be fine.” I said, “There’s a liability with driving someone else’s car.” She said, “Maybe you could drive us?” I texted her the next day that I would drive them. I didn’t hear back so I texted her commuting partner that _____ had mentioned when I was leaving his house us all commuting together. If they were there at 7:20, parked on the side of my driveway, I would drive. He hearted the text. We’ll see. I don’t really care either way. If I was in the car with the climber, it would be nice for us to be alone. Her commuting partner is a super nice guy though.

I was away from my house for hours all week, but only had to get up incredibly early on Tuesday. The convention was wonderful. I saw so many former students. They are all over the nation and it was amazing to see them. I also saw a couple of colleagues who I had not seen in years. I went to the corporate party and had a complete blast and then when I left at 11:30 the next train was due to come at 4:18. I walked 4-miles through not the best neighborhoods and finally hailed down a bus amidst construction barrels, plastic fencing and missing streets. The bus driver told me that at the central station that the next train would be there now. Nine-minutes later nothing, which is what my Google Maps said for the next train. It kept getting pushed back for the ETA. About 20-minutes into my wait it said it would be there at 2:24. I downloaded Lyft, got to my Park N Ride and went to bed a bit after 1:30. Yikes. The entire convention was excellent. I learned a ton and have a new endorsement for trainings. The woman who I prowl with and I will have to start some marketing. She and I can train in the same three trainings. I should go to GA. More on that 😉

I went to lunch today with the Vegan. I can’t call her Angry Vegan anymore because 1) I had fun, and 2) We had wonderful conversation. We’re going to go to a favorite spot of mine for veggies and the best Green Goddess dressing that I’ve ever had. She is still pretty injured, but we will climb together eventually. It was really nice.

I taught tonight and barely got home in time to do it from home. I was craving Mexican food so I went downtown to eat and then dragged myself to the bar. I watched the Celtics game at the restaurant, but the bar owner doesn’t pay for the NBA channel so I had to watch a repeat game: Cavs and Pelicans. I slowly drank a beer. After standup was over, I was able to move to the other side of the bar. I had asked a woman who was with her girlfriend if it was ok that I put my jacket on the chair next to her as I was standing at the bar and she said “of course.” Super nice girl. When I was moving to the other side of the bar after standup was over I retrieved my jacket and she chatted with me and was kind. She said, “I’ll hopefully talk with you more later.” I said that I’d like that.

She and I chatted a bunch. She asked me my sign and said, “I’m always attracted to Virgos.” We talked for a long time. She’s 30!!!!!!! I told her, “I could be your mother!” She said, “Just barely.” Flattering nonetheless. She’s from Atlanta and here for a vacation and the girlfriend is her ex. When the latter was back, I made myself scarce, went to close out my tab and said goodbye. Then I said, “Give me a hug.” We embraced. When I told her that it was nice to meet her and that I was sorry not to take her to lunch she said, “Can I have a kiss?” It was quick. I hugged her again and said, “Let’s have one more kiss,” and really kissed her longer. Nice. Should a 48-year-old person kiss a 30-year-old?!? Who cares.