Can’t do crazy

So, she was here for a couple of hours and some change and said that we could date.  Are you kidding?  We talked about your donor and when our timeline could align, etc., and were together for 8-months.  I can’t navigate her control issues and her approach to me.  Done with the push-pull.  Will not ever answer anything from her ever again and am all set.  I just need to heal.

Let’s summarize.  She wants to “date,”  but won’t drive down.  She has no idea if I’m longterm relationship material and just wants to get to know me to see.  I’m afraid that is working with an employee from an escort service, and I know that I could use her Debit card for gas, but again, I’m looking for a partner.  I thought that is what we both were looking for, but she’d rather stay stuck in old patterns and saying that I hurt her too much.  So, I guess it’s a call girl who emotionally triggers you.  No thanks.

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