Not spinning

I should take another spin class though…  Food for thought.  She pissed me off today by being the queen of unsolicited advice.  God Lady, you are totally sexy, but check your control issues and remind yourself that I didn’t ask you or do I have the same view of the world.  I do believe that love is what matters.  I don’t believe that most people are simply liars.  I don’t worry about the way people say things all the time or do I make myself crazy thinking about hidden motivations.  Everyone does the best with what they have.  Wow.  I also would not ever send her a picture of her ex.  She did that last night with the woman with whom I had my coming out affair five-years ago, and I responded innocuously.  It was a good reminder that I need to be careful who I date next.  And I will.

The thing is that when you’re not dating, you can very simply, disengage.  So, I did.  I said, “Have a good night.”  And I don’t have to text or follow up about anything.  She can still tell me how selfish and unaccountable I am and tell me the way that I need to be with friends and next loves, but I have never heard anything like these statements from anyone but her so I’m not owning it.  I will, however, synch her iPod and take her food before she goes into surgery.  And that’s it.  What will be will be and I will not as she always puts it “spin out.”  I’m settled and getting grounded.

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