I wonder who she is…  I’m sure that I haven’t met her as of yet, but I’m sure that I will know it when I see her.  See for me only the commitment piece is the slow part, but I just know when I know that I want to have some dates with a girl.  I can see a girl across a room, I can touch her hand, or in the case of my most recent ex, I can exchange e-mails and just know that we were connected.  I told one of my best friends last night that is what I’m looking for and that I don’t want something that I have to work at initially or chase.  I want that boom.

I would like to meet a girl who is flexible too.  I know that some of the bumps that I had experienced in the last two relationships were because both of these girls had to drive the bus to the exclusion of anything that I wanted.  For example, we have to live in FL, and bar hop–I don’t even drink much.  And I won’t leave my house.  How do you know all these things?  Why can’t you make decisions together?  That’s what is more normal at this age.

I want that attraction and then maintenance of wonderful conversation based on chemistry.  I want good kissing and a girl who touches my body because she is completely attracted to me.  I’d like a fairly mellow and open girl who loves to be outside in anyway that she can who doesn’t give me shit for not skiing or boarding, and is willing to share snowshoeing or hiking with me or let me do it and then reconnecting with me for dinner while we cook, sip wine, and laugh.  I’m sure that everyone is looking for a girl like this, so there must be a few out there for me to meet come spring.

Now, it’s time to write.  It’s time to clean.  It’s time to see other clients and complete hours for school.  It’s time to reign in my son and ensure that he is mostly sweet.  For now, I’ll grab another cup of coffee and get in the shower though!

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