Runs together

I think that I’m actually still sick.  Last night I took my son and his best friend to a musical presentation and story hour for kids, and it was actually overrun by toddlers and preschoolers.  They were good for over half and hour and then the running, jumping, yelling, and crying while they were trying to listen to the stories and songs got to them, so they wanted to look at books.  Such sweet 7 and 8 year-old boys–they wanted to sit by each other on the couch and read books.  They are so innocent, and sit right by each other and hug and talk close.  I swear when the inevitable happens and some stupid kid calls him, “fag,” in 5th or 6th grade, because he loves his best friend, I will have trouble not coming unhinged.  My little guy is sensitive and sweet, and I would prefer him to stay that way and not become sexist and homophobic.  I loved watching them watch the musician last night; although, I realized that I was still very sick.

When I came home, my head was pounding and I felt like complete shit.  This thing hangs on even through 1700 mg / day of antibiotics.  That is one scary infection.

Coffee seems good.  I’m not coughing when I drink it.  I’m only supposed to drink two cups instead of 3 – 5, and that pisses me off.  I went and had my annual on Monday and the Nurse Prac gave me some shit.  I felt like saying, “I parent.  I work constantly.  I’m writing a book.  I haven’t gotten laid since 12/15.  I’m going to drink as much coffee before 10 am as I’d like.  Thanks.”  I just said, “Well, I’m doing 60-hours a week right now and don’t have any that effects my night sleep.  I also like to drink beer and won’t cut that out either.”  I think that it would be one thing if I had health problems and was hefty–neither of those things are true.  For my age, I look smaller than nearly every woman who I see with the exception of runners.  I’m muscular though, and people under-guess my weight by 20 – 30 pounds.  I just don’t want to be sick with a head and chest thing any longer.  I’m all set.

I keep thinking how the ocean air and sun would knock that out.  I can’t afford to fly though, and I’m not positive that I have a place to stay in reality.  My best friend from grad school (Well, my first round of grad school.) called me and was shocked that we had the same break.  Her “I don’t want a relationship, and I have made myself fall out of love with you because we are open, guy,” is in town all weekend.  He’s introducing her to his kids.  They have slept together for a year.  It will be interesting to hear about how that stuff goes.

I feel badly, but I wonder if I could handle one of my best friend’s from middle school live-with bf either.  He seems like a misogynistic pig from his posts.  Like a southern-guy GUY.  I can’t stay with my ex because I don’t want to be in party central and her parents live with her.  I also don’t want to have sex with her ever again.

I guess that I’d have to stay with the biker ;).  Sometimes she has a gf, so I’d have to see…  My ex has two motorcycles, but when I say “biker” in this case, I mean beach biker and urban cyclist.  She actually looks a lot like my ex, but is way thinner and lankier–that’s what I like too.  Gigantic muscles, mostly blond, and huge light eyes.  The difference is that this one has great legs.  That is a good fantasy while I wake up.  We have amazing chemistry too.  I’ll text one of her best friends who lives here next week.  I should actually feel that sitch out a little.  That’s a safe hook-up if she is single, and I know that since everyone tells me everything, I can get her best friend to tell me if she is currently single.  I sure as hell am single.  Good Lord, I have not been this single in almost three years.  Sex seems good.  I run the risk of turning into a pig.

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