Not my thing

My Boss is amazing. She did probably one of the sexiest karaoke acts at the good venue to “Work It.” She even makes the “Cuban Shuffle” sexy. I had to video that. I couldn’t really concentrate for the former. It was a lot. She would be a lot to handle actually, so it’s good she’s 1) married and 2) my boss. I won’t ever make that mistake again. That ended with 2007.

Her sister is pretty and also sexy. She brought a triad and then at least 4 or so other folks came by. With the exception of the one man, they were all either huge or just overweight. I had two beers and had done my first Zumba and also the elliptical, so I was starving, so I felt really good that the triad and my Boss’ sister invited me to late night middle eastern. The conversation was super interesting. The male in the triad is a leather worker and my Boss’ sister talked about hikes being distracting because she sees branches and thinks about how well it would work to tie someone up. It leaves me neutral. Not sure why. I think that kink just isn’t my thing.

I have done things with exes that they wanted me to do, and never really found it that particularly hot. I just think it’s whatever someone is into. I don’t want to be hurt or beaten though, and have never been asked to inflict lots of extreme pain. I do think that I’d struggle with that. It doesn’t gross me out, but doesn’t turn me on at all either. I saw my Boss’ sister’s breasts in her bra. They’re very nice. I gave her a hug at the end of the night and want to chill with her again. However, I just want some mentors. My Boss’ sister would be a good one for me because she’s active and organizes for kink-queer events. She’s also been poly lots of years. I think that I have for a total of four years of my life prior.

Speaking of which, one of my former colleagues wrote a Mother’s Day post on Instagram–I’d had my son hold the rose that I got at brunch from the bar–that I am a nurturer of so many. I think that I am huge hearted. I loved what she’d written. I think that pretty much illustrates part of my always present polyamorous nature. I just like to love lots of people very deeply and give myself fully to many. I’m so excited for tomorrow. I’ll meet new people. Again, I think that I need mentors.

I went to a high tea at my best friend’s friend’s house on Saturday. Her singing partner was there. Otherwise the crowd was very straight. It was beautiful though. For Mother’s Day we cleaned her back sun room and also the craft studio where she has a trundle. Her parents get here tomorrow for her son’s graduation. She was grateful. I love her so much, and she’s always accepted me and all my twists and turns. It’s funny, because I’m really stable–same career for most of my years working, and have just added work, and I am only 6-years from paying off my house which only had a contributor for one of these 21-years–but my life has been anything but that. It’s ok. I know that I’m resilient.

My son and I have to pick up the climber here in just under an hour. The nice guy has an after work dental appointment. I have to finally wash my hair. I put smooth infusion in it on Saturday and couldn’t really get it completely straightened. It would have taken 20-30 minutes to do it well and I didn’t have that much time because of my workouts, errands, high tea and cleaning my best friend’s rooms. We got 5-inches of rain in three days, so the ground is kinda boggy. It’s like the Pacific Northwest; although, I live in the Mountain West. My hair is gross though, so I have to give myself ample time in the shower, and then I’ll walk the dogs and pack up. I have to eat peanut butter sandwiches, an avocado and tuna. I also didn’t cook for my colleague either. I ate a couple meals out yesterday given Mother’s Day. I’ll let her know that food is coming for her on the 22nd.

I’ll blog again Wednesday or Thursday. More karaoke with peeps. Let the connections ensue.

Image by egodi1 from Pixabay

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