Push it

Not Salt and Peppa. I’m trying to force myself to go to a new bar in two-hours. My son and I did our community walk this morning, and then I did some deep cleaning of some items. I ate some food and biked nearly five-miles. I did a group ride of 8-miles and biked about 5-home, so I feel good about exercise today.

Tomorrow I’m doing a new abs routine. I want to do that and arms once a week. I don’t need a legs day. One time my Dad said, “Your legs look like a guy’s.” I’m glad.

The CEO had scary piano legs. Probably not much that you can do about that because it’s genetic.

My left leg was crushed in 1988 so the shin is really crooked, but I’m still fit. I just have a small left leg. When I was doing telesurveys in 1997 the creepy, tiny, overly developed ex-boxer told his partner, “Her legs don’t match.” Well, no shit, you little shit! My right leg is actually phenomenal. My ex wife called me “long thighs.” I have a knee muscle and four muscles on my calf. Again, don’t need a legs routine.

The arms are really coming back and I’m happy about that. Stomach. Sad. When my leg was crushed, and my pelvis in three pieces, the triage team was concerned that I had internal bleeding so they cut through my abdominal wall quickly in the vertical which left a large pink scar that I can’t tattoo over like I’ve done with my compound fracture scar on my tiny left leg. Makes for difficulty sculpting my stomach, but I’m motivated. What does Kevin Spacey say when his family male neighbor asks about his fitness goals? Oh, yes, “I want to look good naked.”

Back to the bar and pushing myself out. My friend had COVID all week, so she can’t do anything for three more days and then has to mask for 6 more days. We’ll prowl on December 29th. Yay. Monthly prowls.

However, I should go sing at the new bar, right? Maybe I’ll get an Uber. I’m writing and drinking. I was excited that they had karaoke by my house, and I called to confirm and he told me that the KJ now does it at a different bar. I need to go right? I had a couple of short conversations on the ride, so I don’t know if I will. I know that I should, but it’s not likely.

I might just cook four portions of food and hang. My brother would be 39 tomorrow. So, so sad. I would happily split the proceeds of the house less the realtor 10%, the 75K to the ex-wife and such. I wish that I had family close. My aunt took care of my parents’ house until my Mom died and then she moved 3-weeks later. I miss her too. Glad that I have my cousin half-an-hour away. It doesn’t matter if we don’t see each other for months, as we can just talk and talk, and talk.

Yikes. One beer and I’m really, really slowed down. I’m kid-free, but probably not going out tonight. The new bar can wait. If my friend didn’t have COVID, I would prowl though. I only need one short adult conversation everyday anyway, and I talked to three people for probably 20-minutes total during the ride. I biked 2/3 of the way home with this nice guy too. I hope to see him again. I love bro time. That’s all I need. A little adult convo, some bro time, and I’m usually ok. I just wonder if I should solo prowl and push myself. I just did the online Magic 8 Ball. “Should I force myself to go out?” “Don’t count on it.” Done. Not pushing it.