Grief Cycle

I love getting lots of sleep.  I probably would have slept another hour or so, but the alarm called.  Now, I am drinking my coffee and getting ready for my day.  Last night, my clients insisted that I have dinner with them and also asked me to sit at the head of the table.  They also gave me a Coke, so I had to sleep with assistance, as I am quite sensitive to caffeine.  I feel really good though right now and hope that my last day before the paperwork and vacation is a good one.  Yesterday was pretty terrible with the exception of my practicum stuff.

I did, however, get preliminary approval on my study that I have to get completed next year.  That feels really good.  And it was attractive to this particular boss lady in general for all of her settings in which she provides supervision and professional development.  The last thing that I wanted to do was a qualitative study, but I do have a proposal model and the other professor on my committee will guide me to get it done.

So, I guess that I’m saying that I have some hurdles conquered.  That feels good, as I want to go into this year with a different focus, so I think that it will help to truly be moving forward.  I do know that grief cycles, so I will have some bad moments most likely.  But, I have not had any longing for her like I did in the summer, so it’s accurate to say that it probably will not ever get that bad.

At the beginning of November, she had left me a HeyTell saying, “It’s just some days like this one when I miss you so much,” and because she has specific mood cycles which she is at least somewhat aware of, it will likely come at the end of next week or the beginning of the year.  It’s me who is different though, and I won’t be saying, “I love you,” or “I miss you,” at all anymore because the former sends a mixed message and the latter isn’t true.

She is simply moody and gamey, and I would be in complete shock and given pause if she said that she will come down to go swimming on Saturday.  I called her yesterday and said, “I know that your friend has not confirmed whether or not you have Saturday plans, so let’s just say meet at 10 o’clock at the pool and swim, and then come home for lunch and get you guys on your way by 2, so that he can get in a nap,” as he is newly two.  She said it sounded fair and we hung up, and she called back, saying that she hoped that I didn’t personalize her getting ready while we talked, and I said, “No,” and then it was obvious that my son needed me and we needed to interact, so she hung up abruptly.  I was in a Charter School later morning and sent her a picture of a stuffed animal, whose type is an inside joke and she didn’t respond.  Gamey.  As is the fact that she would not tell me when a good night was to talk this week when I have asked this question very simply, and have done so three times since Sunday.  She does this kind of weird shit with her friends too, and I certainly don’t.  But, one does seem to need “stratagems,” as Amelie says when dealing with her.

I can stay balanced and solid and refuse to engage in bullshit.  I’ve gotten very good at that.  I also feel the presence of another right now, and I just don’t think that it is just her ex-partner, so I won’t sleep with her.  I will be telling her that I won’t sleep with her the weekend after this one either.  I don’t think that is appropriate.  It is staying centered honestly.  I want to find my center given that I have so much time off, and that is my plan.  I know that she and I are amiable now, and that is where we need to stay.

2 thoughts on “Grief Cycle

  1. lanie belluz says:

    I think that sounds like a good plan! Happy holidays, btw!

  2. TomBoy says:

    Thanks! And a Happy Holiday to you, and my best in the New Year.

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