Sweet Spot

Good, solid sleep, tons of laughs last night, and nothing urgent to take care of today leads to bliss.  I’m not going to do anything but make a self-addressed postage ready shoebox and take my dog to the Dog Park.  I need to retrieve my best pair of Birkenstocks.  Otherwise, I plan on cleaning, organizing, paying bills, and doing one simple write up that will take me 15-minutes.  I think that I will cook a few meals too.  I have decided not to drive anywhere far away today.  My son and I are spending the entirety of NYD on a farm, so I don’t need to go anywhere in particular today.  I have my easy three weight sets, but that won’t take much time.  I also need to really start squaring away my house.  I want to be done with that chore by Monday afternoon.

I got that perfect amount of sleep last night.  I feel pretty good today less a little headache and very slight sore throat, but I think that’s just because having my humidifiers set up needs to happen.  I can probably do that today.  One of my best friends is coming over for dinner tonight.  She is pretty amazing and has lived in HI and in CA for sometime, and is just home for a bday and Christmas trip.  She is my water and dog person friend.  We should do her chart tonight as that seems odd for a Cap.  She probably has a Water Moon as do I, or has an Ascendant that is water-based.

Someone read my entire blog, and that has never happened.  I keep wondering if it’s an ex.  I’m kinda an ex-collector, sadly, and it is as a reader aptly put–although I can’t accurately quote–you don’t have to keep a staple around for a decade when you know it isn’t really going to nourish you and feed your soul long-term.  It reminded me of when I was lamenting my 2009 – 2012 relationships and my psychologist who I pay said, “You didn’t marry either of them.”  And that’s true.

I had coffee with a fellow student and soon-to-be MH colleague, and she told me that regardless of how beat up I felt in my last relationship as a result of being constantly criticized and sized-up in general, that I have to remember that in addition to needing to control others, there are some people in this world who deep inside are not happy and don’t feel like they are good enough or simply worthwhile.  She told me that sometimes these people need to disparage others to simply know that they are better.  Another reader wrote that when you are with a “fault finder”–I love that phrase, btw–they get into your head and undermine your sense of self and your role in your relationships.  I’m grateful to have only been with one in 38-years.

My lessons are to stay fit and get good food and sleep.  I also want to avoid sizing others up or criticizing others in their journey.  I do realize that some people’s lives would not work for me, but unless they bitch about it all the time, it is working (somehow) for them.  I just am.  I don’t have the desire to feel better than anyone else.  I can wish everyone well and be neutral or just avoid people who tend to not feed my spirit.

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