Still balanced

I came in when she was already there and she gave me a sports hug, but didn’t hurt my back, so that part was good.  Oh well, she touched me over and over and I noticed that I was recoiling a bit.  She was also watching my mouth at times when I talked.  It was fine.  My friend who I don’t really 100% have trust in was there and she came over to me, and I went to her table and then she said, “She still has feelings for you, and gave me that look.”  Oh well.  Good for her and her gf.

She told me that her gf has some drama visa vi her ex of 7-years.  It was a somewhat convoluted story, but didn’t sound clean and I told her that she will have to see “how clean it is for her, ” and she said, “That is so odd, because that is nearly word-for word what I’d said.”  Again, oh well.

She asked why she wasn’t invited to the dinner party that I told her about, and I decided not to play Captain Obvious regarding that she never wants to drive down, and that it was for my friends.  I did say, “Well, it was for happy couples and you haven’t been with your girlfriend long enough.”  She said, “Well, I’m happy and could have just come.”  I laughed and said, “I guess so,” and then she quickly said, “You won’t invite me though,” and I said, “Probably not.”  And, I won’t for years, and am incredulous that we will see each other again via prearrangement.  I don’t even know when we’d run into each other.

She didn’t bring up FB again, but I showed her pictures of the couple who had me over for dinner last Saturday, and she said, “Are you attracted to that one?”  And I said, “I always have been.  That porcelain skin and light eyes has always been the hottest thing to me,” and she said, “Well, that’s not me,” and I said, “You’re very fair.”  She said, “I get dark in the summer.”  I said, “Your skin gets bronze, but your coloring is very light, and is it ok that I’m saying these things?”  I realized later that she baited it, but she said, “Yes.”  Then she asked me if my boundaries were clear with her and I said, “My boundaries are always clear and they are very much in love and it is beautiful to watch.”  She still doesn’t get me and the air is constantly full of projection when she talks.

She left an hour or more early.  I’m home too.  (I left a bit early and am tanked.)  It was fine.  I was not attracted or unattracted, but was neutral.  I’m just ready for the next segment of my life and won’t go up there ever again; although, it should be noted that she came down here for this presentation.  So, that is my truth for a girl who does not believe in absolutes and I am signing off and going to bed!

2 thoughts on “Still balanced

  1. lanie belluz says:

    She sounds completely passive agressive and just doesn’t get the fact that when you say mean things to people they are apt to not invite you to your dinner parties. But, again, maybe that’s just me….

    • TomBoy says:

      Hahahaha! The hot and cold thing. Hours and hours of incredible sex and good connection only to be demeaned a week later. It was a lovely pattern to have for the nearly the entirety of 2012–as you may have read. But, she is overtly aggressive and has already unloaded temper on her new girl. At least I got dispensation from the latter for three months 😉 There’s more though… I’ll write it.

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