There is this piece of erotica that I really like…  The book is based on something real–it’s about sleeping with virgins.  Not full-on virgins for the most part, but female virgins.  (The Gemini musician who was smoking hot, but bat shit insane, used to say, “When I lost my girl virginity.”  Hell, lady, I did that at 15!)  Anyway, in one of the very good stories in it, this woman who works for a firm in which she has to talk to folks in other states, starts flirting with one of the women who she must talk to weekly.  At one point she says, “So, are you family?” and the poor str8 girl says, “Like whose?”  Good shit.  Anyway, the protagonist tells the story of celibacy wherein she works out constantly and gets really buff.  Good ol’ sexual frustration!

I’ve been one productive lil’ girl as of late.  Got TONS of stuff done today and also, sadly, had to fill my script for high-powered (octane) antibiotics.  Sadness.  Draining and coughing up scary things for far too long.  So, I will just write, and write, and test, and counsel.  I know that I need to do someone, but seriously, I melt women’s brains.  Gone are the days of casual sex for me.  I may go to Vegas and do the “No numbers, no last names bit.”  That would be the ONLY option.  There are 54 lesbians in ______, and they all talk.  I wouldn’t want to have two break-ups in three months 😉  (Can’t do that anyway, because I haven’t had sex since mid-December.)

Guess that I’ll motor through my dissertation shell this week.  Thursday my boy and I are going out of town.  He is going to learn to snowboard.  He is a good dancer, so he ought to be pretty good.  We shall see.  I’m excited to get to give him things like this.  My parents just wanted my brother and I to stay out of the house.  Conversely, I love being a parent.

Wonder if “the girl next door” wants to carry a baby ever…  My friend who I don’t have 100% trust in said that per my descriptions, her relationship can’t last.  You can’t be someone’s secret from her family.  However, she warned me not to fall into the role of rebound.  I wouldn’t want that.  I’ve done that before too.  My coming out affair was trying to get away from her volleyball mate who was in love with her when she slept with me and stole my heart.  I wouldn’t want to be a homewrecker either.  Getting shit done and Vegas sounds good at present.

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