I can’t believe it is finally back to where it needs to be.  Of course there is never going to be an erasure, but at least she knows that she needs to work on some things.  I am continuing.  I’m here.  I’m in love with her and believe that she is my one, but I’ve come to the cold, hard fact that you may not be able to be with your one in some lifetimes.  I had a reading in 2008 and I’m supposed to be just starting to come into my own as of October of the year before last.  I certainly knew in that month that I was never going to move, so I do believe it.  This October I was on top of the world in love and sure that we would build a life together.  She changed after Thanksgiving.  I have not.

She said that she wants to have more fun with me and be in the moment.  There is no other place that we can be because of the infrequent times that we can actually see each other.  It’s rare.  We had a nice time after the kids got calmed down on Tuesday and her Mom was there too, and I will get a date on Sunday, which will be nice.  I’m very much looking forward to this extended weekend in general.

I can hear my tone.  I’m cautious, and I didn’t ever have any caution with her and now it’s here.  It can make me matter-of-fact, but maybe by my being aware of my trepidation, I can instead make space for it, and then I can just be me and that girl is fun and caring.  I can do that.  I probably need a mantra.  I continue to say what my therapist says and that’s “You can’t bend the river.”  I know that it flows and you don’t stop it.  I want to get back into fun and never be without passion.

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