Happy Soltice

So, of course it’s two-days in a row with texting…  It’s an occupational hazard that I have actually, and this request from her is legitimate, and I am glad to use my brain and she can make phone contact if she wants more information than the rather academic stuff that I included in text.  All in her court.  I noticed that she has a close up pic of herself in shorts and a sportsbra for her profile pic right now, so she is obviously adding “friends” quickly for later coups when she is ready to date again.  Good for her.

When she told me that she needs time to sort herself out first and then decide what she wants last week, I took the wish with her name that I had written on a journal page (One of my MH partners told me that this is a method of communicating with the Universe) and burned it.  It lit quickly and burned to about a 2-inch square and when I unfolded that, I noticed that there was no writing left.  So, that is pretty clear if I’m communicating with the Universe.

So, what I am doing is beginning to network with outdoor types of women and I’m attending a going away party tomorrow.  I won’t have had a facial, but I can cover my roots.  Although I don’t feel open to dating per se, I do feel ready to hang out with some new girls.  I want to see if my heart can move again, and don’t want temporal parameters on that, and trust that it will when it is meant to.

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