There are some days that are just harder than others.  The thing that struck me as most odd was the stark contrast to yesterday.  My friend and I literally laughed our asses off and we went for about 33-miles on a ride around the city.  It was phenomenal as was our lunch that we cooked.  Yesterday rocked.  Today was bad.

I got tons of sleep.  I lifted weights.  I braved the heat for three-miles on my bike.  I walked a little.  My friend made me breakfast and I took a cup of coffee with her.  However, I missed my son as soon as I got up and couldn’t stomach going to a Happy Hour solo for some reason.  Then she HeyTell’ed me a couple of times.  I was courteous and wished her a good evening, but I’m not saying goodnight.  At some point, she will have to realize that she is not my girlfriend and that the friend conversion is just bizarre.  Maybe in a year, but seriously, how do you pretend that you don’t get visuals of things that would make me flush from the face down to type?

I’m reminded of the on-again, off-again story that I got in detail that fateful weekend that I just drove home in the middle of the night.  She and her most recent partner did that.  That is her M.O.  It is NOT mine.  When I’m done, I’m done.  No matter what she does two to four weeks from now when she is down here for dinner will not lead her into my bed.  If she wants me, not only does she always have to come to me for some time, but she also has to commit to some couples counseling.  I’ll be shocked if she actually goes to dinner.

I have so many plans tomorrow.  I’m hiding from my cell phone all day starting at 8:30 am.  One of my friends is home before she starts school on the West Coast, so we are having dinner at my house.  I won’t be rude and even be around my phone.  I may or may not check it before I got to bed.  That will make this next day superior.  I’m really a lucky person and know that sometimes there are just simply shit days.  And it’s summer, so the sun will shine tomorrow.

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