And I’ve stopped playing reindeer games

So, when she ignores my calls, it’s because I have a ludicrous, inflexible schedule, right?  When she screams at me about all my shortcomings when I’m just trying to see when I can drop off food for her during her recovery, it’s probably because of how selfish I am, right?  I can’t believe her.  She contacted a couple times during my dinner for my supervisee and I texted “You too!  Goodnight” when I got home.  She is the queen of explanations points because she’s always mad, so I am rather taken with them now.  So, this morning I emailed for her to reply back if she was available and wanted to talk–as emails make less noise when her son’s away–but BIG SHOCKER, she has not responded.

At least when she acts this way, I don’t miss her even a little.  Plus, I haven’t seen her in a month and she isn’t jumping on counseling or have I asked her any questions, so I could really give two shits if we talk today or tomorrow.  What I will do is when she’s at work, is drop off some food.  Now, I get why her ex-partner leaves toys and stuff for her son on the porch.  Makes sense to me now, because when she says that she would like to come drop stuff by, I am sure that my ex has excuses for why that doesn’t work and then blames it on her rigid schedule.

Again, to summarize: 1) I have been in an eleven-year relationship and never had any similar complaints, 2) I am nurturing and do the right thing, and 3) you really know someone in a year, and with these many issues, it would take lots of time, space, and therapy to resolve them.  So, I’m doing the latter two.  That’s what I do anyway.  I’m also patient and never try to control outcomes.  I hope that she has a wonderful weekend.

2 thoughts on “And I’ve stopped playing reindeer games

  1. Sounds like your going through rough times. Hope things get better for you!

    • TomBoy says:

      Thank you for your comment. There were rough times. Especially this summer, but when she told me “Nope,” on therapy I dated three girls and even had a little tryst. Now, I would never date her again unless we were in couples’ counseling. That doesn’t mean that I won’t sleep with her occasionally, because that always works.

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