REAL day off

I got tons of sleep last night, as did my son.  The client who I was supposed to conduct an in-home intake with is not getting back to me, so I think that we will just clean some this morning and then take our dog out.  Hopefully, my colleague will bring her kids and meet us at a huge park which we frequent.  (I can’t wait until it is warmer so we can bike there too.)  Then, because he is in a decent mood, I will just give him my phone to play “Angry Birds” on and also bring his workbooks and supplies while I work out there.)  Yay!  I love getting sleep and having clarity.

Pulled muscle or whatever aside, I did 30-minutes of cardio last night and cannot wait for my A Day weights today.  I should slightly rephrase…  I don’t actually like lifting, but the results are wonderful short and long-term.  We add this 30-second trial of a core exercise that looks like running cow bells to our C Day this week, so we will hurt more.  However, we will look very good this summer.  I’m not going to lie that I am already thinking about what to wear during the 5Ks that I do in April.  I like feeling good and meeting new people.

When you wake up and you are really refreshed–meaning that you actually can feel completely rested–you seem able to tackle whatever is needed.  I think that I’ll finish this cup, eat some food, and take a shower.  I want to clean my office and then get ready to go over to the park and rec center.  Today is going to be a great day off, and I just know that I’ll be ready to do homework and get ready for my week.

I did manage to forget that I was supposed to see my shrink today, so I guess that means that I don’t need appointments right now, as I typically look forward to them.  It’s funny that I don’t need to see her unless I’m in a position of not wanting a relationship that I am in.  Right now there isn’t even a slight prospect and I feel fine.  Broke, but fine.  So maybe that means that as soon as I want to see her, it’s because I know where I am, how I’ve gotten here, but in the past three-years have been with two different women who were not willing to meet me there.  So, it’s time to meet tons of girls and see where their journeys have taken them, and hope that one’s path coincides with my own.

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