And you haven’t changed a bit

Derivative of where I am on this leg of my journey, I had some insights before I went to bed.  My son was super cool and wished to practice his lay-ups last night, so I ran 2.25-miles.  I can start the 5K Loop Program in three-weeks, so that is good too.  Anyway, I realized that starting in 2009 when I was newly out (just two-years), I was really with Shane.  That name is probably even more accurate than the drunk.  Now, I think that although I agree that I am as my shrink suggests working toward what I want, dating Bette for arguably about a year–but, really, if someone religiously breaks up with you for four-months, it is not dating, but is being in 7th grade–wasn’t quite what I’m looking for either.  Certainly, Bette is more of a girl you can take home with you, but she isn’t one to ever be open and share–there is no vulnerability with Bette and all she knows is control.

I think that when she left the voice recording and there is this pregnant pause before she says, “on the business front,” that I knew in my heart that her dating is also what is progressing…  Then of course, she left another voice recording on Monday–probably because she had a weekend with her–saying that in all fairness she needed to talk to me before the psychic.  I called her and said that I felt the presence of another woman since December and congratulations.  She did what she always does, which listen to it (likely a couple times) and then call me back.  It was easy to talk to her.  I am reasonably sure who the girl is too, and she is not her physical type, so we shall see how long she dates her, but anyway, I didn’t ask questions about it, but congratulated her and updated her a little on  my 60-hour work weeks and the like.  She texted that night and said how proud she was of me.  She must think that I’m a little less intuitive than I am, because she’s proud that I’m not dating anyone.  I told her that I’d email her.

I did.  I thanked her for getting me motivated to get in the best shape of my life, for showing me the gifts of a dog with your son, for teaching me about getting things ready for your kid when you don’t see him and are working, and for being there when I fell completely in love and learned to be vulnerable.  I do very much value these lessons.  Then, she promptly added me to her social media site.

Umm?  Three removals and look at your son who I miss desperately?  No thanks.  I doubt that I’ll ever add her either because she took me off three times, and I told her as much.  She continued to argue.  She is a piece of work.  She also emailed me five or six times yesterday.  I’d be smoking pissed if a woman who I was newly dating did that with her ex; although, I know her well enough that she would say that we “are trying to get a friendship on track.”  However that is an interesting way to put her fervent emailing and question firing, because she also did make reference to an artist that we would listen to sometimes when we had hours of hot sex.  You could almost miss the double entendre, but I didn’t, nor did I bite, and she is still a baiter.  Another reason that she is a lot like Bette…

I finally said that I did too much talking today and I will just catch up with her next week at the event for which we have tickets.  I really don’t miss Bette, I miss our sex life, but that’s it.  We don’t live on the same planets or subscribe to the same tenants about relationships with others.