My Return to the World of Blogging

I have had nothing to write about literally since May of 2010.  That’s bizarre.  That blog can probably be reworked somewhat, but I’d rather it be read and then used as my progress on this journey.  That’s because I hope that over the last four-years, I’ve learned much and become a better person on the whole.  That probably sounds slightly trite–especially given that it’s three-days before Christmas and that 2012 is rolling up quickly.  As an aside, I was actually in Chichen Itza last November wherein I learned the problematic issues with Mayan math based in our time line in addition to what they believe about endings, so don’t sweat it.  I heard it from a young Mayan Scholar.  We are cool to keep on truckin’.

Telling you that I’ve not felt or thought like I do now sounds disingenuous too, then?  But, It shouldn’t.  I’m forever changed, but do appreciate the lessons on my path to get to where “here” is.  I know that is where ever I’ve been and is always now, but I do think my experiences have shaped and helped me get to where I want to be.  I actually like being here.  I know that when I read my older stuff, I was not comfortable where I was.  I think that I do want to re-work some old entries, because I get the impression that when I re-read them now, I will be different and see it objectively and that my progress will encourage me on my new venture.  Meaning that coming through the mundane, the tumultuous, and the quandaries will have a different feel as I read it.  Not to say that it’s the whole hindsight being 20-20, but rather I have a new lens on my life. And I do.  Holy Hell, do I!

2 thoughts on “My Return to the World of Blogging

  1. Erica Dezman says:

    I sometimes look back on things I write and I cringe. Not only from the writing, but–reading between the lines–realizing how lost I was without even realizing it. Glad to see you are getting back to writing/journaling/blogging/what-have-you.

  2. TomBoy says:

    And I am still there… I am grateful to have learned what I did even after it all ended.

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