Very Random

Our dog has taken to only chewing rawhide when we’re home, so when I’m away as much as I was today she holds it rather catlike and gnaws while she gazes at me looking super sad.  I lost her for about 45-minutes in the foothills yesterday, and I was freaked.  She is a nut, and my son is missing her tons.  He keeps asking what she is doing when I call, but I didn’t know the last time that he asked because I had clients and was between two of them when we spoke.  She and I have had a couple of busy days.  Today was crazy really because I walked over 11-miles and it was colder than hell. (Why is the latter the expression?  It’s sooooo counterintuitive.)  She only did 5.5 because she had previously been at the dog park that morning and I took her home.  I had to get my car’s oil changed and I had our dog with us, so I walked her home and walked back.  Then I had clients all night.  I was supposed to lift weights, but given that I had the plague on Friday, I figured I could be granted a dispensation.  I’ll lift tomorrow and Saturday and then get back on my game on Monday.

Today was pretty weird again.

One of my best friend’s husbands has cancer.  I can’t believe it.  He really isn’t her husband anymore either because they have filed and done mediation.  I want to support her as best as I can.  It makes you feel really shitty when you have bitched about the same super crazy relationship for the lion’s share of a year when people are dealing with their mortality.  That is some tough stuff.  For real.

The new year is nearly here.  That means that I have to have resolve.  I should not sleep with my ex unless a couple’s counseling session is the prelude.  I think though that I’d rather meet a stable girl.  I keep thinking about valences.  What the hell does that word mean?  I’m punchy.  I’m tired.  I’m drinking a microbrew.  But, I’m single and happy and one lucky fuck.

Trailhead b4 I stupidly did some off-leash

Trailhead b4 I stupidly did some off-leash

6 thoughts on “Very Random

  1. Valence b : the degree of attractiveness an individual, activity, or thing possesses as a behavioral goal

    Try to stay away from stable girls. At least try to think of perhaps a chorus girl, maybe a choir girl, or get all conservative and think about the CEO’s personal assistant. Stable girls have muck on their boots. ewwwww

    • TomBoy says:

      Two CEOs back-to-back have made me want for something different though…

      • How did you get them to stand up together like that? That’s a cool trick! If you want something different, hmmmm, try asking the tall female barista at your local starbucks out for a bit of a hot trist? Be certain to wrap her in tastefully decorated cardboard first to make sure your fingers don’t get burned… but enjoy! Nothing tastes better first thing in the morning 😉

      • TomBoy says:

        Too funny! Said all summer that I wanted a Barista and then enter the little liar. But, hey, you’re probably right, Tori Amos was a Choirgirl and she has that porcelain skin. Yum!

      • Porcelain skin always scares me, I’m afraid I’ll break them if I get too rough. Leathery skin scares me too… have you ever tried to get a horse saddle to do something different? Not happening. In respect of this, I think I like playdough skin. Yep, that should be what we look for. So maybe I’ll spend the rest of the holidays skulking around the mall looking for a lithesome girl with playdough skin…. wooop

  2. TomBoy says:

    Ha! Good luck. Playdough has that quintessentially odd scent, but I suppose you shall get accustomed to it in time.

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