I realized that I honestly have had more of it on the whole when I have been single.  I count “single” as not living with someone.  That has been 6-years.  When I was married, I only really had steady sex for about 3-years, and then I would have to beg him and he had all kinds of issues about it, so it was really infrequent.  After I gave birth to my son, we didn’t have sex but about twice in a year, and it was bad sex.  I HATE bad sex.

I have this friend, and of course, I must note that it is not me, and I really have this friend.  She has ended every relationship except for the one that she currently ended with an affair.  I find it interesting, because I have never cheated on anyone who I have been with or I have I ever been even slightly tempted.  I told her, unsolicited via text, that my best learning and getting solid years have been my two with celibacy.  That was 2008 and has been this year (2013), but this year is hard to really count because twice I have shared a bed with an incredibly beautiful woman.

However, when we do make love it will be altering.  I doubt that it will feel like sex.  It will be a long time in coming though, because as best as I can tell, she ensures that during the week she keeps her parenting as solid as she can.  I respect that, because her little ones need that foundation, and because her teenager has only this year and next for high school.  We need to get our rhythm for our relationship anyway before that occurs.

My son got up to throw up at 3:30, so this is one night that I’m glad that I didn’t have sex, because I couldn’t have gotten up to have coffee.  That’s what I’ll do.  I will eat a little bit and then drink this pot.  Afterward, I want to get all of my clean laundry folded.  That would be difficult had I had sex all night.

In my last two relationships, I think that was the only way that I felt connected to the girls who I was with.  It was funny, because I used to be super extroverted and wanted to talk to new people and get them to tell me their story.  Now, I have heard so many sad stories, that I want those to come from one person, who I want to be my partner.  People just talk to me.  They tell me everything.   And that is how Shane, the Drunk was.  She would talk and talk and talk, and my being the very focused and good listener who I am, I would listen to her for literally hours.  I guess that finally when we were winding down, I expected sex.  Not a good pattern.  She and I had the most consistent sex of any lover who I have had to date, but we stopped kissing much.

I could kiss my current girlfriend over and over.  I would NEVER stop kissing her and I love the way that her mouth fits over mine.  I would like to see their mother, because I think that is a gene from her.  The girls don’t have their Dad’s mouth.  I like my girlfriend’s older sister a lot actually, and she has my girlfriend’s same mouth.  She is not even slightly pretty if you compare her to my girlfriend, but they have the same mouth.  She is cute and stuff, but my girlfriend is like head-turning beautiful.  It’s fun to be out and about with her because of that, actually 🙂

With my ex, we would kiss hello or goodbye and it was nice, but in bed, because she has such a show in bed, she would rarely start with kissing except when we had sex in the morning.  Mostly she did those power play and controlling things that translate into “Do me right now.”  Then the show ensued, which I’ll admit did get into my head for months, I would have sex with her, and it was consuming.  But, only in a physical way, as she completely grosses me out now, and I wonder how her ploys get people to think that she is the sexiest ever.  She really just has nice eyes.  She is way too over-developed and imbalanced in terms of her cultivated build and proportion of her body.  I got addicted to the show though, and because she was so critical of me, it was the one thing that she couldn’t criticize.  That was the only way that we connected.  So, after awhile, it was completely unsatisfying for me, and was what she just expected from me when she was ready.

I don’t know how I can be saying this, but I am saying it.  I don’t want to have sex with my girlfriend just yet.  We are not ready until we really have our dating rhythm.  I don’t want that to be the way that we connect.  I like cooking with her and cuddling with her on the couch when she is working and I am resting or reading.  I like to connect with her that way.  I also like taking walks with her and sitting outside.  I want to see if we can shop for a gas fireplace this weekend.  If I can get one that we pick out together for my back patio, that would be a good connector without sex.  Time with our sons is like that too.

I love sex.  It’s an incredibly important part of a relationship, but because I don’t want it to be the sole connector, I think that it should be more mindful.  It also shouldn’t be the sole method of connection between partners.


My son got up at 4:50 today, and I can’t recall a single school day when this type of wake-up call has been met for him.  He brought home a small cold too so it’s going to be a lovely night for me to see clients.  I was furious.  If he’s going to get up that early, he needs to remember not to make it my problem.  It’s dark and cold and I had to unlock the deadbolt and tether the dog just before 5:30 in the morning so she could potty.  I think that he finally gets it.  He was crying when I was furious, but then he said that he wasn’t crying.  When I calm down and have some coffee, I will talk with him, because I’d like him to follow rules and also know that it is ok to cry.  We have to take things from his room to the basement today and then next Wednesday when I go to multiple locations, I can let the mother who I know look through his books and toys to see what she’d like and I’ll take the rest to the ARC on the weekend.  I’m already thinking about next weekend because today is going to be so hard with very little sleep, so I’m planning on things that will make me feel better.  I do love getting organized.

My ex sent one of those voice recording things via text two-days ago.  It was super nicey-nicey and made me want to vomit.  So, instead, I ignored it, because that is a derivative of her moods and I know about those way too well.  Not just because she and I spent 10-months together, but also because that is how my Dad was when I was growing up.  He would explode on us and act really scary and then feel some sort of guilt and present super pleasant.

Call me crazy, but I’d prefer some neutrality.  You don’t have to show up like a binary switch–meaning that you are either saying horrible shit to someone and or yelling, or be sweet as pie.  Balance is the only way to roll.

She baits; although, she says that she doesn’t.  The only reason that she had sent a voice recording was so that she could omit the fact that an empty shoebox was sent her way and had $5.30 worth of stamps inside of it.  I just want my best pair of Birkenstock loafers back.  No need for a note or anything.  She apparently must have bought my son a Christmas present because she said that she had a little package to send and Happy New Year.  Puke.

One of my friends chatted a bit with me last night.  She said that working and doing stuff for school all of the time sounds really lonely.  I explained to her that I’m hanging out with my lesbian friends and although they don’t have anyone that they can introduce me to, it’s good for me to be around happy couples and if they ever did meet someone who they could introduce me to, they would know that I’m there.  I also plan on going to Vegas with a buddy of mine (I used to be friends with his ex-wife.) in late March.  When summer comes around, I’m going to do an outdoor group for women and maybe a book club too.  I just want to meet a bunch of girls.  I wouldn’t mind dating a few concurrently too, but won’t do that open relationship thing because I don’t like the way those feel.  I’m basing it on direct experience that I had for nearly a whole school year.

I am a nice girl.  I want to meet one.  I would prefer to wake up daily with someone.  I’ll be going on six-years of living alone because we are now in 2013.  Not impulsive or a person who does not make observations, I do tend toward making sure.  When I remarry, it will be for life.

Very Random

Our dog has taken to only chewing rawhide when we’re home, so when I’m away as much as I was today she holds it rather catlike and gnaws while she gazes at me looking super sad.  I lost her for about 45-minutes in the foothills yesterday, and I was freaked.  She is a nut, and my son is missing her tons.  He keeps asking what she is doing when I call, but I didn’t know the last time that he asked because I had clients and was between two of them when we spoke.  She and I have had a couple of busy days.  Today was crazy really because I walked over 11-miles and it was colder than hell. (Why is the latter the expression?  It’s sooooo counterintuitive.)  She only did 5.5 because she had previously been at the dog park that morning and I took her home.  I had to get my car’s oil changed and I had our dog with us, so I walked her home and walked back.  Then I had clients all night.  I was supposed to lift weights, but given that I had the plague on Friday, I figured I could be granted a dispensation.  I’ll lift tomorrow and Saturday and then get back on my game on Monday.

Today was pretty weird again.

One of my best friend’s husbands has cancer.  I can’t believe it.  He really isn’t her husband anymore either because they have filed and done mediation.  I want to support her as best as I can.  It makes you feel really shitty when you have bitched about the same super crazy relationship for the lion’s share of a year when people are dealing with their mortality.  That is some tough stuff.  For real.

The new year is nearly here.  That means that I have to have resolve.  I should not sleep with my ex unless a couple’s counseling session is the prelude.  I think though that I’d rather meet a stable girl.  I keep thinking about valences.  What the hell does that word mean?  I’m punchy.  I’m tired.  I’m drinking a microbrew.  But, I’m single and happy and one lucky fuck.

Trailhead b4 I stupidly did some off-leash

Trailhead b4 I stupidly did some off-leash