I remember graduating from college, finishing my first fully empirical research in 2000–which I presented in 2001 as a paper–and giving a seminar that I wrote to all special providers who do not conduct intelligence testing, and I feeling like, “What next?”  I think that when you do complete something which involves lots of steps and preparation, at the end of it, you do rather wonder what it meant and why it is, indeed, done.

I dove under barrels in a five-foot deep muddy water pit and hoped that I had cleared them so I could dive under the next one when I was in freezing water.  I was electrocuted and felt one shock run down the length of my left side to my foot.  I ran up a halfpipe that was greased and caught the hands of two men who I don’t know, and being so dense (hehe), they had to get their buddy in the middle to pull me up.  The “race” wasn’t actually about time, but it was more about finishing something completely stupid to say that I had done so.  I looked like a cutter at the party and the bar last night.  I’m covered in weird lacerations and am bruised everywhere.

The funny thing is, at this point, I am just really proud that I did it.  We have a 10K, and what I would like to do most is get my finishing time reigned in to be a good time.  Again, I will just be setting new goals.  When you have your health, and you stay fit and vital, your “endings” are really more guideposts for your next “first.”  I don’t want to stop running, but I will only do so once or twice a week.  When I race, I want optimal performance for me that won’t be compared to anyone, but me.  I don’t feel anticlimatic about anything related to the race or my future events.

I’m going to end this entry talking about Pride.  Again, I had wonderful conversations with people out and about, but didn’t get to talk to the one very hot girl who was with a couple of her friends.  Definitely my physical type, but probably very young and maybe bi or just newly out.  No problem.  The pool party, however, was a MAJOR problem.  Those girls have a relationship characterized by fighting, and they basically sit and drink all day–and then one goes into their bedroom and sleeps.  Not my thing.  I don’t want a girl like that or do I want to be around anyone (even friends) who thinks fun is drinking all day.

Being outside, connecting to my friends, learning new physical activities, and being me is what I want to do.  I’m feeling solid this summer and love where I am.  Nothing is particularly shifted, but that yields balance.

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