I love them. For example, at my Boss’ birthday party I was so glad that this one guy was there, I embraced him close, and asked him, “Are you going to ____’s baby shower?” and he said, “Yes.” I told him that I was so glad and now I would go although those things made me profoundly uncomfortable. I didn’t even say the wife’s name when I was asking the guy if he was going. I consider it the guy’s baby and he was my former work husband and this guy’s best friend.

I feel much more comfortable in the company of men than I do a majority of straight women. I have had male climbing partners and am mildly obsessed with Owen who bowls on the same league as I do. I was in tears when I saw the micro-penis on the ultrasound when I was 20-weeks pregnant. I LOVE MEN.

I just read this:

“Lesbians who view bisexual women with contempt are unlikely to be comfortable in a setting so heavily populated with bisexual women, especially when the bisexual women are so highly valued in poly communities” (p. 96, Sheff, 2013).

That is bizarre. Why would you be threatened by a man? So what if your lover/partner also has a male partner?

I’ve also been troubled by groups of lesbians since completely coming out in 2007. They’re cliquey and exclusive. Also, here in the west they’re often really butch and then I think, “Why aren’t you into men?”