Truly new

My ex finally removed me (and for the fourth time) off of FB.  She also took off my cousin and my close friends.  I may at some point take off the three women from the bday trip that we took last fall, but it’s nice to know that she won’t look at anything related to me.  She didn’t block me this time around, but maybe she can leave it alone.  I hope that she does understand that you can’t treat anyone like complete shit and say horrible things to her and expect that you’ll be friends.  I have no interest in a big shot who thinks that she is better than everyone and really seems to have an entourage of minions.

So, I’m starting something new and it’s going slowly.  We cuddled in church–my son was in Sunday school–and then my son sat between us when he came out during prayers.  They are teaching him The Lord’s Prayer.  He had a workbook when he came out that my artist looked through.  She is so great with boys and has a way of listening to children that is enviable.  She’s kind and gentle in addition to being so striking.  She almost made me turn red saying something a little dirty to me, and then I was struck that she would make reference to something kinky in church.  I am going to have to get my brain around a lot of things before I make love to her.  She’s genuinely intimidating.

I don’t know when I’ll see her.  I don’t even want to go out of town to climb mountains this weekend for my birthday, because it has really gotten cold.  If I don’t have an audience in my office today, I’ll call the B & B over the lunch hour and ask how much snow they got.  I’d rather see my artist a couple of times, and write and clean.

That’s what I think happened.  I think that I got on top of some of the highest points in North America starting in July, and then I put out my intentions into the mountain air.  I also think that since February of 2012, when I kept saying that I wanted a kind and gentle girlfriend, that began what I would seek.  Should I read through previous entries, I know that there are other things that I put “out into the universe” as they say.  Now, I am scared and should have a friend say to me, “Be careful what you wish for.”

9 thoughts on “Truly new

  1. Sounds to me like (If I may be so rude to give advise?), you should not analyse her but just be yourself and see and feel how it goes?

    I wish you a beautiful! Wish I could sniff up some mountain air too..

    • TomBoy says:

      Thank you so much. Yes, and just be and enjoy any second that I get with her! You’ve got it, and it’s not advise. It’s just right. Not everything is to be questioned or approached with skepticism.

      Well, I’m not staying up there this weekend. I want to do that someday with her, but I may take my dog to the foothills.

  2. Hey one of my words dissapeared from my reaction, another attempt; I wish you a beautiful birthday!

    Just removed the last ex from FB too, but first sent her a PM asking her how she is, waited 2 weeks after it said “seen” and then thought it was time. If she choses not to be in touch with me, she doesn’t need to see my updates anymore either…

    • TomBoy says:

      I never removed her, but she did so with me four-times. I will never understand her, but certainly gave the college try for a couple of years, and 15 of those months were in relationship with her. I wish her and her son the best, but I don’t want to spend time with her.

      I’m glad that you are doing better with respect to your ex. It seems that grief regarding relationships come in waves.

      I would love to no longer have breakups, as they are so destructive to the way I see myself. I think that it’s good that after I talked to her, she removed all traces of me from her life four-days later.

  3. I hate breakups and always seem to be the one left hurt. I’ll explain you why on FB.

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